We've started Mapzy because we were missing a simple and fairly-priced store locator. Our goal is not to make the most sophisticated store locator there is. Our goal is to make a simple, but high-quality store locator and offer it at a fair price. Also, we are not interested in tracking you nor your visitors. Mapzy doesn't make money out of your data and never will.

Mapzy is open-source (under AGPL-3.0 License) and self-hostable. Developers are very welcome to contribute to Mapzy and make the product better for everyone ❤️. It's also possible to host the full version of the product for free.

Mapzy is independent, self-funded and based in Europe. Our servers are powered by 100% renewable energy.

We'd be very happy to hear your feedback on the product. You can find us on Twitter (@canolcer, @saggpt) or send us an email at bonjour@mapzy.io.

Can & Sag